Welcome to Soulingo, Dance Through Life. The name Soulingo refers that dance is the language of the soul. Our brand is built from the love of dance, music & family.


These dances were started in 2006 by the Cook family. The motivation for this was that no matter which direction our lives took us, we would always end up back on the dance floor as a common ground and a way to spend time together.


Our goal is to spread the love of dance, bring people together and give them an amazing experience while doing so. We strive to make sure you enjoy yourself at our dances.


For the Swing & Ballroom dances, lessons start @ 7:00pm. Instructors will vary. Djs will also vary. Appetizers & Refreshments are included. This dance in an "all-inclusive" for only $10 per person. The first few hours it will be a mix of Ballroom & Swing music. During the late night hours, West Coast swing music will be played. Ballroom by request.

For the West Coast  Swing dances, lessons will start @ 7:15p, Instructors will vary. Dancing @ 8pm. Djs will also vary. Refreshments included. Entry is $7. For West Coast Swing lessons it's an extra $3 per person. Anyone 21 & under is FREE and anyone with a college ID entry is FREE as well. Request any dancable song! We have access to millions.

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Just Dancing Studio is our venue and has been for the last 8 years. The building has a newly renovated interior & exterior which includes a freshly paved parking lot. The facility sports a new sound system, state of the art lighting and a 2,880 sq ft. floating dance floor surrounded by mirrors. If you're of legal drinking age, it's BYOB at the studio. Please keep drinks off the dance floor and PLEASE drink responsibly. We are here for your dancing enjoyment. Just Dancing is located at Manchester & HWY 141 to the right of the glass front Office Depot. The street address is 236 Old Meramec Station Rd. Manchester, MO. 63021.


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